Planetary Persuasion
Vision-Mission, Values and Goals

“Healing the World – One Song at a Time”

Vision – Aid in the Recovery and Treatment of PTSD

Mission – To Remove the Stigma

ValuesPlanetary Persuasion is committed to surpassing the norm when it comes to TRUST and INTEGRITY, focusing on unprecedented SERVICE to all levels of contact and to always demonstrate equality.




In 2014 I decided to change my life into serving a purpose that was bigger than me. At the time I was the owner and operator of a very successful Construction/Oil & Gas company out of Calgary, AB. I never stopped being a songwriter and performer, although I took a hiatus from the career as an International Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter, it never stopped living inside of me. As the reality of “WHO” I was became more prominent, I knew that this was my calling and with my motto “Healing the World – One Song at a Time”, my vision of being the change I wanted to see in the world came to life through Planetary Persuasion Ltd. My dream to help Veterans & First Responders suffering from PTSD became my purpose in life. This is when I launched The National PTSD Benefit Gala with a series of House Concerts.

Through the efforts of our team at Planetary Persuasion Ltd. our goal is to reach as many towns and cities across Canada to not only create awareness but to support programs that do such a vital effort in educating the public and helping those living with PTSD. Since 2015 I have toured throughout different parts of Canada and as far East as Halifax, NS. and by 2019 we plan to be in every major city across Canada.

The objective of the Benefit Gala is to create a National awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a treatable injury and to aid in the removal of the stigma associated with it. Our goal is to fund existing and recognized programs focusing on the treatment and recovery of PTSD, education on how we can drastically reduce the occurrence of PTSD and focussing on our ultimate goal “REMOVING THE STIGMA”! By removing the stigma it will make it easier and more viable for uniformed Men & Women and their families to access the support they need without the fear of losing careers, judgement by colleagues and ultimately maintaining a healthier life.

Although PTSD is a huge issue amongst our Veterans, Police, Fire & EMS, it is not the only issue. Without proper diagnosis, treatment and help, PTSD is only the beginning to many other issues that stem from this injury! With access to resources, funding for existing and new programs there is a way to move forward with PTSD. With these Gala’s we are committed to accessing valuable solutions to help these Heroes of our great Country.

Planetary Persuasion Ltd. is connecting with credible resources and programs across Canada that will provide healing and aid in the recovery of these issues. Continuing to work with these organizations and individuals will help to provide ongoing support and solutions to increased longevity for successful transitions.

As with anything, the same method and rule does not apply to everyone, hence working with different programs and organizations to ensure a higher success rate on all levels.

To date the funds used to launch this program in its entirety, have come from Planetary Persuasion Ltd and myself. There has been no outside funding of any kind, and no government grants.  Although I would not change one thing that I have done, I have come to the realization that if I want to continue this incredible work for our Veterans & First Responders we will need assistance from people like you! 

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with in “Healing the World – One Song at a Time!”©
Let’s all work together to make a difference!

Happy Thoughts,
Jessie Tylre Williams (Planetary Persuasion Ltd.)


Planetary Persuasion is the body that encompasses the Canadian Singer/Songwriter Jessie Tylre Williams and her dream and vision as an Artist in "Healing the World – One Song at a Time". In her dream to make the world a better place to be, the organization Planetary Persuasion came to life.
From International tour dates and intimate acoustic shows to the National PTSD Benefit Gala's and recording albums, the dream started to grow of being the change she wanted to see in the world turning into a beautiful movement of hope, courage and determination, hoping to inspire others along the way. Jessie has funded this program in its entirety to ensure its continued operations, and it is through Planetary Persuasion that allows us to use the business as the body that donates money to PTSD organizations.



3-Year Goals and Plans for our National PTSD Benefit Gala’s:

  • Maintain connections with Communities across Canada to help in raising funds for existing and new programs
  • Establish a solid foundation for annual Benefit Gala’s across Canada
  • Form National Partnerships
  • Work towards helping Camphill Clinic get off the ground
  • Generate a greater awareness to the general public in regards to PTSD – removing the stigma
  • Continue to learn and grow in the PTSD Community
  • Provide funding for programs to help men and women in service and their families suffering from or affected by PTSD
  • House Concert Series across Canada


  • Have keynote speakers in each city
  • Remain engaged in events in Communities across Canada in relation to PTSD
  • Have implemented strategies for a 24 hour PTSD help line across Canada
  • House Concert Series across Canada
  • Have launched “Pilot Projects” across Canada working towards the Recovery & Treatment of PTSD
  • Provide funding for myriad of recognized PTSD associated programs geared towards the recovery and treatment of PTSD and continuing to REMOVE THE STIGMA
  • Assist in the development and operation of The Camphill Clinic


  • Fully accessible Health Care Clinic/PTSD facility providing multiple treatments – Camphill Clinic
  • Pilot Projects engaging in the Recovery & Treatment of PTSD (stats to date)
  • PTSD LED billboard or similar in all main cities
  • A Gala in every major city across Canada 
  • House Concert Series across Canada
  • Partnerships throughout Canada with organizations focussed on the treatment and recovery of PTSD
  • Continue to raise awareness and funding for PTSD
  • A National PTSD Specific Golf Tournament in Central Canada
  • Annual package for future PTSD Benefit Galas on a National and International scope

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