Welcome to Our “Hero’s” Corner

“When I say “Hero’s”  on this page, it is meant as a HERO that continues to to be a Hero to us in their daily lives.  Some Hero’s that we refer to would be someone in the Military,  someone who is in service, it may even be your neighbour that has always put others first before themselves. Some HERO’S could be military, a police officer, a fire fighter or any type of first responder that puts his or her life on the line to serve and protect us and our Country,  it could be someone at your local grocery store, someone at a Resource Centre, and it could very well be YOU.

This is a place where we can share stories from “HERO’S” across Canada to help you to better understand the lengths they go to to make someone else’s world just a little bit brighter!

Thank you for all you do to help Our Canadian Soldiers.

Some stories will tear at your heart strings, others shed some light on how they live in each day, but most important so that YOU can pay tribute to them, show your respect and honour them for their heroic actions they have performed. . As you can imagine we have hundreds of thousands of men and women in Canada who risk their lives everyday to serve and protect us and our Country, so please know that although they are not on this page they still deserve as much respect and tribute as the people on this page.


Have a story to share?

Writing is something I have always loved to do, on all levels. Whether it be through writing music, short stories, a newspaper column, or simply jotting down phrases and philosophical quotes, I always knew in my heart writing played a vital role in my existence. What I didn’t realize was that one day I would be writing about men and women who have continued to serve each other in a way I can only describe as a “HERO”. I am so grateful that this opportunity has come to me, and that you have trusted me with your stories, enough to allow me to write them.

This page is dedicated to all the men and women in service who have risked their lives, to honour those who have fallen, pray for those who have sustained life long injuries and continue to help and pray for those still serving. It is dedicated to the daily Hero’s that sometimes go unnoticed, and then men and women who continue to make a difference int he world. 

Each month I will write a story about one of our Hero’s who has been recognized by someone like you! I will also add a small column to this page for those of you who want to write to me anonymously to share your story or ask a question. You can write to me by sending an email to  jessie@jessie-williams.com. All names will be kept anonymous. Again, thank you to each of you who continue to support our Men & Women in service!

Happy Thoughts,
Jessie Tylre Williams